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Brand awareness

We want brands to utilise our space to create the exposure they need for their business.

Fun and engagement

There is nothing better than having fun and getting the exposure your business needs!

Create an experience

Every booth is an experience. Our talented marketing team will curate your booth in the best way suited for your brand.


Stand out from the rest

This is an opportunity to create customer engagement with your brand, encouraging people to come to this attraction and interact with the mall on a digital level, while supporting local start up and coming artists and brands. Now it is more important than ever to create a conversation, something that differentiates your brand from anothers.

Tips on how you could take advantage on this opportunity

Work with the best

Tag your brand

Tell your audience to tag you on social media when posting the content on their page using your booth

Make use of hashtags

Create hashtags that are trending to bring more awareness to what you want to achieve from your booth

incentivise your booth

Share prizes to be won if creators follow certain steps for using your booth. Tagging your brand and hashtags work well with this.